Your Local Shot Clinic


In this economy it is easy to understand that everybody is trying to save money. For this reason, pet vaccination clinics seem to be appearing almost everywhere. A vaccine clinic has a veterinarian give vaccines without a thorough exam and discussion about your pet’s health. They usually set up in a parking lot or local store.  Owners line up with their pets, and they get their pet’s vaccines like an assembly line.  Vaccine clinics provide little actual health care for your pet.

At our veterinary practice, vaccines are not the main priority of the annual exam.  Just like in human medicine our focus is preventive care. This means having a discussion with the veterinarian about your pet.  Simple things; like drinking or urinating excessively, being lethargic, weight loss, or reluctance to exercise can indicate an underlying medical problem. Most importantly, a thorough comprehensive physical exam needs to be performed. If needed, other laboratory tests can be performed.  Our job is to practice medicine that keeps your pet healthy, and finding medical problems early.  In addition, sometimes simple advice or lifestyle changes can go a long way in insuring your pet has a long healthy life. Having a healthy pet, and preventative medicine can also prevent future medical problems and expenses.

None of this is accomplished at a vaccine clinic. There is no time for a discussion with the veterinarian about your pet’s health.  Getting established at a practice is also a good idea so that we are familiar with your pet’s weight and medical history. In the rare instance your pet has a vaccine reaction or complication will the parking lot vet be there to help you?

You wouldn’t stand in line in a parking lot to see a fly by doctor for a few minutes for your medical care.  Your pet is an important member of your family, they deserve proper yearly medical care at a veterinary practice.


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